What We Do

Using only plant extracts, I dye a range of materials: cotton, linen and wool. The colour combinations are never ending and each colour is unique. I then sew the dyed fabrics into simple, everyday items which I sell both locally and online. I hope to run dyeing workshops for adults and children in the future.

A slow process…

Step 1: Sourcing

I source all my materials locally in Taiwan. I choose only 100% cotton, linen blend and merino wool, all natural and un-dyed. The fibers are then washed and prepared for the dyeing process.

Step 2: Dyeing

Next, I prepare a dye bath using 100% natural dyes. Taiwan is a volcanic island so the water is acidic. This affects the final colour. By adding an alkaline solution, the colour shifts. It’s a fun process!

Step 3: Sewing

All our products are simple, everyday items. It’s important for me that, when so much time and care has gone into the dyeing process, the final products are appreciated and used every day.

The Studio

I work from a home studio in Taipei, Taiwan. I am lucky to have the Yangming Shan National Park on my doorstep for daily inspiration. Everything takes place in my studio: from dyeing, to sewing, to packaging.

About Me

I first began playing with botanical dyes when I struggled to find colours I liked at my local fabric market. When I began to learn about the damaging process of factory-produced dyes, I decided to make my own. With botanical dyeing, the colour combinations are limitless and there is always more to learn. I can do what I love without destroying the world I live in.

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