The Go Project


Our Studio

The Go Project operates from a small studio in Taipei, Taiwan. Our fabric is 100% cotton and linen blend, locally produced. The whole process, from raw materials arriving to finished products leaving, is done in the studio.

Our Dyes

Creating new colours is the fun part! Each dye that we use comes from 100% natural plant extracts. As Taiwan is a volcanic island, the water is very acidic, which adds to the many colour combinations we can achieve.

Our Products

As all our products are hand-dyed naturally, they don’t contain any harmful toxins. This makes them safe for everyone. Because of the beauty of botanical dyes, each product we make is 100% unique.

How to Care for Your Botanical Dyed Goods

Natural dyes are beautiful because they are natural. They don’t contain harmful chemicals, they don’t damage the environment and their colour is chosen by Nature not Man. Imperfections are all part of the process. But as with most things beautiful, they need care to maintain their vibrancy. Please follow the care instructions when you buy from us.

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